Child Support Resource

Are you a single parent-divorced, seperated or never married? with children to support?? Do you need to locate a parent? Establish Paternity? Get child support??? Do you need help to collect child support??  Like most single parents, we find it hard to obtain the support we need from the other parent. There are resources out there for you to receive the financial help that you need for your child. Here is a link to a free handbook from The Office of Child Support which has great topics and information that we all need.

If you need a copy of this sent to your email then please send me a request on the About Me page and I will send it to you. Below you will the local child support office in your state for you to contact and request help. Each state is different as far as the timeframe it takes for you to receive child support. I know for the state of Florida it can take up to 9o days, however its a start and the resource is there for you. In some cases, you may be eligible for food stamps if you are receiving child support.




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