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Kylie Jenner Finally Makes Her Baby Announcement | CafeMom

After months of reading countless unconfirmed reports about Kylie
Jenner’s pregnancy, the 20-year-old has finally taken to social
media to share the happy news. Kylie
just gave birth to her first child, a “beautiful and healthy”
baby girl, on Thursday, February 1! 

The reality star and beauty entrepreneur posted statement on
Instagram on Sunday, February 4, explaining that she is sorry
for keeping her followers “in the dark through all the
assumptions,” but she chose not to experience her pregnancy “in
front of the world.” Instead, she wanted to prepare for
motherhood “in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way”
she knew how. She clarified that there was no “gotcha moment”
or “big paid reveal” planned. 


Kylie also shared an amazing video of her pregnancy adventure.
We get to see her own mom Kris giving birth to Kylie, as well
as Kylie’s doctor appointments and ultrasounds, her In ‘N’ Out
burger obsession, and lots of sweet reactions and well wishes
from friends and family. (Plus, we get a sneak peek at baby
Kim’s baby Chicago, too! Aww!) 

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Jenner & Travis Scott Are Reportedly Deciding on a Baby

It ends with Kylie’s birth (mostly just audio) — and yes, Daddy
Travis and Kylie’s family were there too. The last shot is of
Baby Jenner-Scott (as it’s still TBD on the offish baby name!
Can’t wait!). It reads, “To our Daughter, February 1, 2018, 8
lbs, 9oz, 4:43pm.” All the feels.

Cheers to Kylie handling her entrée to motherhood on her own
terms. And congratulations to the happy couple and growing
KarJenner brood!  

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