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20 Celebrities who Savagely Dissed the Kardashians | CafeMom

kim kardashian and lindsay lohan
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The Kardashians are loved by many and hated by quite a few
too — and both of these lists include some major
celebrities. Although the Kardashian-Jenner clan often hangs
around with other famous models and musicians and athletes,
they also have plenty on the opposing team. Comediennes,
actors, and singers have all taken shots at the famous family
for various reasons. 

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From bashing them in interviews to skewering them on social
media, even other celebrities love to hate the Kardashians.
Many disapprove of Kim’s nude selfies, while others think they
collectively have “no talent.” The shade doesn’t end! 

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Although we are pretty sure it’s no fun to receive so much
criticism, the Kardashian ladies aren’t afraid to clap back at
their haters. They have definitely thrown their fair share of
shade too. But still, some of these disses are pretty harsh!
Here are 20 of the most savage comments celebs have made about
the KarJenner crew. 

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