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Amber Portwood’s Mom Has an Intense Reaction to Her Pregnancy Bombshell

The whole group, including Amber’s cousin Krystal and her mom
Tonya, got on the hayride to go get pumpkins. It was all sorts
of awkward as introductions were made to Andrew, Amber’s very
new boyfriend, just a few months after she finally broke up
with her very toxic ex, Matt Baier. 

Finally Amber decided to rip the bandaid off, and she blurted
out that she was pregnant to her mom and cousin, who
understandably, were pretty overwhelmed by the news. Tonya even
turned to Andrew — whom she just met — and asked, “Is
she joking?”

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Tonya shed some emotional tears, but did seem to come to terms
with the news. It seems like she really does care intensely
about her daughter, and want her to be happy. She also seems to
be worried about the same thing the rest of us are worried
about too — that Andrew will turn out to not be much better
than Matt.

In all fairness, it’s pretty hard to find a lowlife lower that
Matt. And Amber does seem happier than ever with Andrew these
days. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this really is
Amber’s second chance. 

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