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This Baby Rocks a ‘Placenta Bag’ & His Mom Doesn’t Care If People Hate It

At four days old, Ashton’s umbilical cord had yet to fall off,
so he’s still sporting his umbilical cord by his side, but
Fisher explains that it doesn’t require much additional care.
“Keeping the placenta and cord attached hasn’t been hard,” she
says. “It has been a bit more maintenance but well worth it for
my child’s well being.”

Fisher says that with Ashton attached to a short cord, wherever
he goes the placenta must too as they wait for it to break.
“Outside of the initial washing, drying, and curing of the
placenta, there isn’t much maintenance required,” she says. “As
for the part of the cord that’s attached to the naval, the same
care is needed as would be, if it were cut. Swaddling becomes
more difficult as it dries because the cord begins to harden.
Again, all of these nuisances are very trivial in the larger
scheme of things.”

When it comes to bathing, Fisher’s midwives recommended that
the new parents wait 10 days before washing Ashton, and that’s
been helpful in their goal of keeping the placenta as dry as
possible. “All the other tasks associated with caring for a
newborn baby, we tend to as usual,” she says.

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