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Travis Scott Refuses to Confirm Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy in a New Interview

No matter how hidden from the public Kylie Jenner continues to
remain, tongues are relentlessly wagging that the 20-year-old is
expecting her first child with boyfriend (or perhaps ex?) Travis
Scott. Ellen DeGeneres even tried — and failed! — to get
now-confirmed mom-to-be Khloe Kardashian to spill the beans on
her little sister this past week. Now, Billboard has
published a new interview with Travis, and writer Alex
Gale had the guts to confront the rapper on the baby rumors.

When Gale broached the topic by asking Scott, “Have you spoken
to your father about becoming a father yourself?” he replied,
“Uh… for what?” The reporter explained, “There are these
rumors that you’re dating Kylie and having a child with her…”
to which the rapper replied bluntly, “I don’t want to talk
about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing.” 

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“Just guesses,” eh? Rrrright, guesses that have been confirmed
by multiple sources since late September! Back then,
People reported that the
couple would welcome a baby girl in February. One
insider said Scott began telling friends about the pregnancy in
July, and that he couldn’t “wait to be a dad.”

And yet, the 25-year-old clearly wants us all to mind our own
business for the time being. 

You’d think that his terse response to the baby Q would have
completely curbed any inquiries related to his personal life,
and yet, the reporter went on to ask about his relationship to
another member of the Kardashian family: Kanye West.

“Has Kanye taught you anything about dating a fellow
celebrity?” Gale asked. Travis replied,  “Nah. I haven’t
seen him deal with that. I just stay to myself.” However, there
is one thing apparently he and Yeezy discussed: how
to handle prying questions from media. Apparently, Kim’s
husband told Travis, “Shit, just don’t hit nobody,

Maybe it all boils down to what
one insider previously said about the pair: “They know it’s
going to be a frenzy when they do come out.” Perhaps Travis and
Kylie are just trying to minimize the craziness leading up to
the birth of their L.O. Or maybe it’s just a wild “guess” that
there is an L.O. on the way at all. Either way, if the rumored
timeline is correct, confirmation could be just a month

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