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9 Things That Will Make Your Bed The Best Place On Earth

5. A Set of
Fancy-Ass Sheets

A Set of Fancy-Ass Sheets

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Rachel Miller

OK, I’m not going to tell you that nice sheets are a
“must-have” because honestly, I hate when articles do that, and
also because I still stan for
these inexpensive jersey sheets from Target even though one
article I read said that owning them makes me a human pee
stain/adult baby. However! If you’ve got a little extra money,
or you’re registering for your wedding, or you have some gift
cards or something, you might want to get yourself a pair of
fancy-ass sheets!

My fancy sheets of choice are called Sheex,
which are “performance” sheets. (lol) They cost $179. (lol
again) My husband and I would pet them every time we went to
Bed, Bath & Beyond, while debating whether they actually
keep you cool as they promise to. Finally, he convinced me to
give them a try. (We had some wedding gift cards, and with the
20% off coupon, it wasn’t, like, outrageous.) So we did.
Though I was skeptical of their claims,
I was pleasantly surprised when we tried them out in the most
disgustingly hot and humid week of the summer. They genuinely
do keep us cooler than regular sheets do. They also feel
fantastic — like, super silky, which is not a thing I
knew I liked until I tried it.

I also really like
these Brooklinen sheets which are somehow equal parts crisp
and soft ($109 for a queen set, but FYI, the company sent me
the set with the duvet to try for free). And my co-worker
Natalie loves The Sweethome’s
recommendation (these
L.L. Bean sheets).

Anyway! Nicer sheets are not a requirement, but they can really
be worth the extra money if/when you have it.

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